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Our passion, our commitment: The synergy of excellence.

Gestion Immobilière MMTP Inc. (Gestion MMTP) stands out for its expertise in the development of Corporate and Rental Real Estate projects, as well as in Real Estate Management, particularly for residences intended for seniors. Our experienced and multidisciplinary Team of professionals is committed to proactively meet the needs of our clients. We offer integrated services of exceptional quality, always adapting our strategic solutions while listening attentively to our clients and partners to provide the best product.


Our mission

To be a Team of passionate, committed and talented professionals, who implement management services to seniors' residences and other clienteles, in order to ensure the proper functioning and optimal progression of services.

Gestion MMTP; a dynamic company where the mission, vision and values converge perfectly with those of its clients 
and partners. 

This exceptional synergy catalyzes relationships marked by trust and mutual respect. Each collaboration is enriched by this powerful synergy, generating a lasting impact that goes far beyond simple exchanges, sculpting a partnership where excellence and mutual success continually thrive.

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We provide Premier Real Estate Development and Management services.

With a well-established reputation in Québec, our company excels in two key sectors of Real Estate: Development and Property Management. We are firmly committed to delivering outstanding results to our clients and becoming their strategic partner to build lasting trust and relationships. Our commitment to the highest quality standards and our constant search for innovation make us a Leader in this market.


Real Estate Development

In the field of Real Estate Development, we implement an innovative approach, guided by a deep understanding of market trends. Every project we undertake is the result of strategic thinking, meticulous planning and execution, aimed at creating spaces that meet the needs of our clients. 

Property Management

At the same time, in the Property Management sector, we are dedicated to maintaining high standards in terms of services and maintenance. We understand the importance of effective management to ensure the long-term value of our clients' properties. Our transparent, responsive and customer-focused management practices ensure complete peace of mind, to deliver the best living experience our clients' residents.

Gestion MMTP; your choice to provide an exceptional living environment, where autonomy and comfort in your residences are our priority.

Ensuring the management of your residence, creating exceptional living spaces, comfortable and adapted to the needs of your residents is our priority. We manage multiple ideally located residences aimed at offering an exceptional quality of life to seniors. With a dedicated team, we ensure impeccable property management, ensuring carefully designed spaces and architecture conducive to well-being. Our commitment combines expertise and compassion. We provide tailor-made support, with modern facilities, quality equipment and attentive service, thus contributing to the well-being of residents and our customers.

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A family of independent and semi-autonomous retirement residences, carefully adapted to the needs and lifestyle of residents.

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Contact us!

We will be delighted to meet you and discuss with you our different services and all the benefits that our projects can bring you. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are here to answer all your questions and provide you with the information you need. 

Thank You!

2520-1000 Sherbrooke W, Montreal (Quebec), H3A 3G4

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